Arcade TIME!

We went out for and activity with our YSA the other day. They chose to go to an Arcade and Play play play! We all went and had a blast, especially the girls! Scarlett was fearless and just rode any ride, loving every minute! Isabelle couldn't get enough of the Mary-go-round and finally after we were all ready to barf from so much going around and around we just gave her a bag full of tokens and she would get off each time pay the guy two more tokens and jump back on all by herself!!

Here is Lance taking Scarlett on a few rides.....Also one of him making his "please don't take my picture" face! HA it made the blog anyway....maybe next time you'll smile sweetly, eh?

The girls also went on a few together...I LOVE the one from the back....just two little heads, so cute!

Isabelle went on the "Bumper Cars" with some of the YSA kids......Here they are waiting in the line and also in the car! She had a blast!!
Such a fun day! It was nice it was inside too....out of the HEAT for a while!

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So this is one of the many "new" to us, tropical fruits we have been enjoying! We are a huge fruit eating family so all the different kinds are quite exciting for us! This one is called Rambutan and it is very delicious!! Even with all the fresh fruit available to us I do miss some of the  ones we used to enjoy in Canada, such as, Strawberries, Blueberries and BC Cherries....non of those are available over here. It's ok though......there is still plenty of fruit available! Enjoy this video of us chowing down :)

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 So lately, since our side kicks the Beatties are in Canada right now, we have been a little bit bored! We have had to spend a little extra time coming up with creative things to do with the girls to keep them entertained. One of the newest things to do is make a FORT! I used to do this constantly as a kid with my siblings. We used to take up a whole Saturday making it and remaking it bigger and better! Of course we always wanted to eat our lunch in it and sleep in it too! My mom was always so good about letting us use all the blankets, couch cushions, pillows, chairs and whatever else we might have needed to make the BEST FORT EVER! I am now realizing as a mom myself, sometimes the mess is worth it, for the kids to have fun! Scarlett and Isabelle are just getting into a good phase of being able to play together. Scarlett just adores her older sister and is constantly squealing and giggling when they play! It's so cute and I love to watch them! Here is one of the forts Isabelle put together the other day.....they had a blast in it!

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Puppy's anyone?!

The other day we went over to my friends house. Her dog had just had puppy's about a month earlier and Isabelle was dying to see them. There were 9 born but only 7 have survived. The girls went NUTZ over them and had such a blast playing around, holding them and chasing them down etc. Isabelle kept on gathering them all up and trying to keep them together in a big pile so she could just look at them all! They kept scampering off and she thought it was so funny and a great challenge to keep track of all 7 of them! She had what i like to call "The melt down of the century" when I told her we need to go now and that, "NO" we couldn't take the puppy's home with us! WOW Meanest mommy of the year award right here! Seriously she cried a lot that night and little bit the next morning too. 

A few days later I was talking to my friend again and I said "So, how are the puppies doing?" She said (very enthusiastically) "Great!, they can eat rice now!" I just started laughing soo hard! I don't know why really, but it was so funny to me that they are feeding the puppies rice! I really shouldn't be surprised because that's all they eat, 3 times a day, so why not make a little extra and give it to the puppies?!  They don't have any extra money so dog food would be completely out of the question.......Here are a few pictures of the girls just lovin' these little pups!

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Nuff' said!

So I just found Isabelle playing like this one day, still in her Jammies.........I think the picture explains it very well! Nuff' said! LUV this girl, she brings sunshine to my day EVERYDAY!

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Daddy, don't cha want to spend a little time with me?

So Lately when Lance gets home in the morning from his night shift Isabelle has been asking him to spend some time with her..."Daddy don't cha want to spend a little time with me" Lance thinks I put her up to it but I swear it's just one of those things she comes up with in her own. Here is a picture of them spending a little RnR time together. If there's one thing i know for sure it how special Lance's girls are to him! 

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Beach Day!

The other day the girls and I got to spend the day at the beach! We went with the YSA from our ward. It is a beach that is very close to our house, it's called Canonoy Beach. It's not white sand......we have to travel for 2-3 hours to get to the nearest white sand beach. This one is still very fun and besides the beach it has two swimming pools, when your ready for the no-sand, no-salt water part of the day! 

We ate Chicken and Rice all day long! Here's Isabelle enjoying some...

The Girls loved the sand and I gave up trying to keep Scarlett from eating it ~ she had her fair share by the end of the day!

Here are some beach time pictures!

Scarlett was so tired by lunch time and had a nice nap on the bench....zzzzzzzz

Here are the pools.....we spent a lot of time going back and forth between these and the beach!

Over all it was a really fun day had by all!!

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Two Piggies....Horray!

So neither one of my girls has had much hair. Isabelles is about to her shoulders and she's been growing it her whole entire life. Scarletts has just recently started to come in and it has a little bit of red in it! I think she get's it from the Jarman side and I would love it she ended up with her beautiful Auntie Chelsey's hair color! Anyway on Sunday morning I managed to squeeze Scarlett hair into TWO little piggies on the top of her head. I was so happy and ~if I do say so myself~ she looked adorable! She also  fit into these little shoes her Grandma Byam got for her before we left. When I opened them I thought they looked huge for my little baby and would never fit her teeny tiny feet.....however like they tend to do, she grew and now they fit. She thought they were pretty neat! Here are a few pic's of my little angel!

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So I found this little Doggie sitting at the bottom of the stairs.....tied up so he wouldn't get away. He was just waiting quietly and patiently for Isabelle to come back downstairs. These little play creations are a regular find around our house. They are so funny and Cute! I love them....

I quickly grabbed the Camera and snaped a few pictures just as Isabelle was coming back down the stairs. She says to me.....
"Hey Mom, what are you doing?"
Me: "oh nothing just took a few pictures of your Doggie sitting here waiting for you."
Isabelle: *nonchalantly* "good...did he smile?"
Me: "Yep"
Isabelle: "he's a good boy!"

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Scarlett Grovin'

The other night we were all just hanging out and I guess Scarlett felt like getting her grove on because she crawled straight over to where she knew she could start up some music and just started Dancing her little heart out! She just kept on going and going....I finally had to grab the Video Camera and get a little clip! ENJOY!

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Treasures of our Walks......

So we like to take full advantage of the fact that we live in a place where every single day is a nice day. It really is...that is one of the things I Love about living in the Philippines. We go for lots of walks and we always find cool things to look at, make new friends, and have a great time just hanging out! The other day I brought the camera along just to capture a few of the things we discovered!! Isabelle really enjoys pushing Scarlett in the stroller.....

This particular walk we found PINEAPPLES growing right around the corner from our house! mmmmm yummy! 

We also met some new friends with a cute little white Dog. Both my girls love doggys so we had to spend some time with this little one.....the puppy's name was Puppy. Very original. 

Isabelle has always had a thing with hearts. She just loves them and always has. We make pancakes almost every morning for breakfast for Lance when he gets home from the night shift and guess what shape is constantly requested?? Yep heart pancakes it is! She has this saying, she has said it since she was little and I have no idea where she got it from or how it came to be but she still says it. "Hearts are mine" She does have a strange magnetic type force though, when it comes to hearts, when she's around they just seem to pop up. Rocks, sea shells, stickers and apparently leaves.....? I wasn't even suprised when she said "hey mom, come check out these heart leaves!"

Overall it was another great walk with lots of new treasure and discoveries!

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Grandma's are the BEST!

So we received a wonderful surprise in the mail the other day....a Package from GRANDMA JARMAN for Scarletts 1st Birthday. WOW.....we feel so far away from home at times that any little thing we receive is so very exciting! The girls were thrilled to tear open the gift and see what surprises awaited them. At this point I think they would have been so excited for that it came in the the mail for THEM and was from Gandma was all that mattered :) However what was inside was prefect.....Scarlett got a pair of cute cute PJ's and a combination stuffy/story book. She LOVES story's and stuffys so this present was the best for her! Also in the package was a pair of matching Pj's for Isabelle. She had herself stripped down and changed before I could turn around! 
Here is Scarlett reading her story book and giving it some kisses and snuggles! 
Thank you so much Grandma for taking the time to send these things around the world over to us! We sure love you!

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