My girls

Here is Isabelle and Scarlett on the morning of Isabelle's 5th Birthday. They are both getting so big, I can't believe it. Scarlett is 18months in this video. She's changing and learning so much everyday. She's at such a fun age!

About Isabelle:
~ She is learning how to be responsible. She keeps her room clean and can hang up her own clothes.
~She can have her own showers including soap and shampoo. I don't even have to check her anymore, she comes out sparkling! Get her own Jama's on and combs her own hair.
~She has her own daily chores including, setting and clearing the table, cleaning her toys, straightening the shoes, and doing her homework.
~She LOVES to learn and her little mind is such a sponge right now. She plows through book after book of counting, math, letters, dot to dots, mazes, spelling and more.
~She is learning how to tell time and get's her very own, brand new watch, when she's done.
~She is learning how to be a big sister. Taking care of and watching over Scarlett...and playing with her too. She is learning how to be a good example.
~She LOVES to do crafts. Anything that involves, pencil crayons, glue, tape, felts, crayons, paint, plain paper, coloring books is HEAVEN to her. She will do this for hours on end everyday. She's very creative and always trys hard to do her best work, coloring in the lines and everything.
~She has a sweet sensitive spirit and crys if Scarlett is hurt or crying.
~She loves her family and always encourages anything that we can do together.
~She's all girl and can be very dramatic! Melting down in tears over the tiniest thing....the end of the world!
~She loves school and does very well in it.

About Scarlett:
~She is sassy!
~She think's she is big and loves following the older kids around jabbering and singing, thinking she is fully playing with them.
~She LOVES to sing and read stories
~She will repeat anything you ask her too....or her very best version of it.
~She loves blankets and snuggly things.
~She likes to eat. Anything at all but especially, Popsicles, milk, pancakes, toast, rice and of course "teeeeets" (treats)!
~She loves to go for walks and swimming
~She adores her big sister.
~She likes shopping with her mom.
~She still needs at least one nap a day. Sometimes two. (her mom fully encourages this!)

WE love these little girls so much and are so glad they are apart of our lives. They fill our days with laughter and joy.

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