Today, Isabelle was calling to me from the bath....

"MOM, MOOOOMMMM, come here quick. My hearts NOT beating!"

Such a funny girl.

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Dared to hope...?

Isn't it nice when things turn out way better than you were expecting them to or even dared to hope they would?! 

We have been so excited for our trip home this year. I decided to be brave and head over a month before Lance. I was so nervous about the's a LONG way. Having two little girls and a ton of luggage and having to do customs and sleep on the plane etc. UGH.

I warned my mom, "Meet us at the airport, don't be late. We will be there....I will be bawling, incoherent, and not speaking in full sentences, but we'll make it." 

I am happy to report it was the best trip - to OR from Canada, with or without Lance - to date. The kids were great, all the flight's lined up perfectly and we didn't have to deal with any major delays. I think it was so good partially because the girls are getting older and we have done a lot of in between traveling. Also, we traveled with a different airline and completely eliminated one transfer/layover/airport/customs. 

We were greeted by both Grandma and Grandpa and uncle Mckay. They were sporting a big name sign and all! Tears were falling but they were happy tears! 

The girls and I felt so good when we arrived at midnight Canadian time we went straight from the airport to the hospital (we snuck in the emergency exit) to see my new little niece, Eden, who was just a few hours old.

Here are a few pic's of the girls from the trip over.....

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