We took another one of our weekend trips over to our favorite neighboring Island, Cebu. We playing in the pool, ate shopped and relaxed. Here are a few pic's from our trip!

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Report card time!

So we just recieved our girls Q1, 2011 report cards! What an exciting time. The school year over here in the Philippines goes from June to March with April and May being summer holidays. This year my girls actually missed the whole first month of school as we were in Canada till the end of June. 

I love going to parent teacher interviews and getting a little insight into how the girls are doing at school. Isabelle is a Care Bear which is equivalent to Kindergarten. Scarlett is a Gummie Bear. We are extremely happy to report that both girls love school. Their teachers said there are no problems or concerns socially or developmentally. Each teach told me a few funny stories about things my girls have done. The teachers and other students really seem to enjoy our girls. We are so proud of Isabelle and Scarlett.

I just thought I'd share a few of the teachers remarks from the girls report cards as well as their "Multiple Intelligence Profiles" we received. These are direct quotes.....


"Isabelle is not afraid to share her thoughts and she opens her staements by saying "I think....." when she was asked the question "What is Love?" She replied by saying "I think love is loving your friends and your family"

"On her first week of school she announced "I like Ben". Though Ben was uncomfortable about it, Isabelle still insisted and emphasized it more"

"When she goes to the bathroom she courteously informs teacher by saying "Teacher, I think I need to go to the bathroom" Softly but clearly

"She gives her all during music and movement or circle time. She has a loud voice during sharing time. She doesn't hesitate to recognize the day, date or weather. 


"Scarlett is patient in doing puzzle activities. When she is done doing so, she smiles and looks at teacher. Whenever Scarlett has a problem among her classmates, she would just keep quiet and find something else to do or play."

"Scarlett enjoys doing art activities. She loves getting her hands dirty with glue and paint when it is art time. She uses such colors as red and purple."

"Scarlett can definitely follow rhythm. She hums/sings along and shakes her head whenever she hears music. During circle time Scarlett has so much fun singing and doing the actions of the songs."

We are so lucky to have such wonderful teachers and a great school for our girls to attend.

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