U.S.A Bound!

 So the next stop on our Canadian Journey was Ellensburg WA. USA! The Jarman side of the family had a huge reunion planned down there for Lances Grandma's 80th Birthday. She Manages a hotel on the interstate called the I90 Inn. We all got to stay in the hotel while we were there. It was so nice and we were so well taken care of. The kids had a blast playing together non stop. Isabelle slept over with her cousins in their room, 3 of the 4 nights we were there. We hardly saw her. It was really great for her to be able to spend the time with them....she really loves and looks up to them. While we were there we all drove together to this super cute little tourist town about 45 min away from the hotel. There was lot's to see and do. I (being a HUGE shopper) Loved all the little shops they had. There was lot's to look at. They had one shop that had a TON of crazy, cute, funny hats! I wish I would have gotten some more pictures of them but this pink cowboy hat with a little tiara on it was one of my faves :) They also had a bunch of super crazy sunglasses...here are the girls and I showing off a few pairs! There was also a chocolate store.....mmmmmm I bought some goodies there and they were delicious!!

 We made our main camp in the middle of the little town in a picnic shelter type park. Right next to the outdoor swimming pool. At one point we decided to try and get all the kids together for a picture.....Here they are! I think we got most of them in there. They had a blast running and playing together. We were treated to a delicious picnic lunch of hoggie sandwiches, chips, pop, cookies and more....like I said before, we were really well taken care of!
 They took us out to this great little family restaurant for dinner one of the nights. The food was very good and the service was great too. Here is Scarlett having a few bonding minute with her auntie Sabra while we were waiting for our food to come....She was quite sick while we were down there with a high fever and unfortunately she slept most of the time. When she was awake she only wanted mommy and was very irritable. A few days after we left she started to get better and that's when  noticed the two new teeth in her mouth!! That would explain the fever etc....
We went to church on Sunday. Here are lance and I on the drive there...self taken, just being goofy! Man he is such a Stud! Xx

 The last day we were there we were invited out to a HUGE BBQ at this beautiful farm just a few miles away from the I90 Inn. I couldn't believe all the food they had there and all the people they were feeding. What a huge job to prepare and plan for so many people. The food was wonderful as was the company. We really enjoyed ourselves. We had such a great time visiting with everyone. Here is Scarlett playing with her cousin Adison. They are so cute together and will be best buds before long. Since Scarlett wasn't walking yet it was a bit harder for them to really play together to much, but they still managed to a bit.
Here is Isabelle with her bestest cousin ever..Payten, aka Pattie Sue! Isabelle really adores her. Pattie is so good with Isabelle and even though there is a bit of an age difference between them she is so kind to Isabelle. She always plays with her and makes time for her. Thanks Pattie!

Here are some of the people at the BBQ. The Two boys manned the grill and did and amazing job. I had a huge burger, it was about the size of my face, all loaded up with stuff! mmmmmmmm

 Here is Lance with all his brothers and sisters. Sabra is the oldest in the blue shirt. Then comes the goofy looking one (Lances only Brother John!) Next comes Mary in the red, then Chelsey off to the far left and last but not least, My Stud muffin, Lance ~ the baby of the family!
 We managed to get everyone from the BBQ together for a giant family picture!! Her we all are....a pretty nice looking bunch if I do say so myself!
As we were leaving the BBQ that night Isabelle was saying she was hungry. Mostly because she was playing so hard she didn't stop for long to eat anything. So she quickly grabbed a corn on the cob on the way out the door and munched in down cold on the van on the way back to the hotel! Silly girl.....

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Great Vancouver adventures!

We did a lot of other fun things while we were in Vancouver. Isabelle and I fed the birds in Stanley Park and got in trouble for it! Apparently your not supposed to feed them.....We walked around a bit  and enjoyed the nice clean park with the big huge trees and nice wide walk ways. Canada is so beautiful, I've always thought that but having been away from it make me realize just how nice it is.

We played on a park!! A real park. The kids were in heaven. There are not may of them here in the Philippines. Scarlett was loving her first (that she can remember anyway) swing ride and slides! The weather was beautiful.

Our tired tour guide Adam. Here he is catching a few minutes of sleep while we were playing around :)

Scarlett too....

Here we all are in front of the Vancouver skyline! So pretty...

Our tour guide, he was great! Filling us in on this little detail and that...helping us find our way around. Giving up some of his precious studying time to hang out with us. Thanks Add!

Uncle Adam and Isabelle at the totem poles, making there own totem pole......

Lance and I making our own totem pole...well apparently I am the only one who got the memo...

We went to this little Indian Village type thing and took a train ride around. It was really neat, and the kids loved it!

There were dancers....

And a real Petting Zoo which my kids LOVED!

Adam and Isabelle playing...It looks like he is poking her but I think they were actually pretending to fish with those sticks???

We played on the beach....

We went down to Granville Island, it was such a cool place with lot's to do and look at....Here is Adam and Issy looking at........ something?

We did lot's of other things as well such as eat. We went to the White spot, and to Wendy's. They were so yummy and totally filled our craving for good ol' Canadian food. We also got to eat over and Uncle Adams house one night, see his place, meet his room mate and hang out. The kids really had a great time. Thanks Add....gotta Luv Vancouver! :D

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Canada - Vancouver 2010

So I am WAY behind in my postings. We spent two months, August and Sept, in Canada. During that time we did a ton of super duper fun things, saw lot's of family and friends and took lot's of pictures. So I will be playing catch up for the next little while with my posts. Enjoy!

When we got to Canada we landed in Vancouver and stayed there for 3 days. We were trying to get our days and nights straightened out before we headed down to Ellensburg WA with the Jarmans for a huge family reunion.  We stayed in a nice hotel  Downtown. Isabelle just stood in front of the T.V. like this forever. She was so happy to be watching real, normal cartoons! 

Adam is living there right now so we were lucky enough to have our own personal tour guide! It was so nice to be able to spend some time with him just relaxing and taking in the Vancouver attractions. 

We went to the aquarium, the girls LOVED all the fishys. We watched the beluga whale show, went to the 4D movie (if you ever go to the aquarium GO see the 4D movie, it's very cool and included in your entrance fee) Watched the dolphins and just relaxed.....

Over all we had a really fun day! I could literally feel my self relaxing. It had been a long week before, packing and then the two day trip over. It was goo to be on Canadian soil!

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Ever Laughed so hard you barfed??

Ever laughed so hard you barfed....but it was so funny you didn't care?! You just swallowed it up and kept on laughing? Scarlett did.......see for yourself! Isabelle and Brayden Beattie were playing with her and she was laughing so hard. I finally got my camera and started a quick video. Just as I started to record she barfed.......

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While we were at the beach this last weekend Lance was playing with Isabelle in the Ocean. He started throwing buckets of water at her, just to tease her. Isabelle can be a wee bit of a wimp sometimes and Lance, the loving Daddy that he is, likes to get a reaction out of her since it can be so easy. He also likes to try and toughen her up any chance he can get. 

So he is throwing water at her and at first she is laughing but then she quickly decided she did NOT like it. So she's trying to run away, and yelling at him to stop, and he is laughing and throwing and laughing and throwing.......

Finally she made her way up to the sand and as she was madly stomping away she turns around and shouts at him "JEEPERS DAD! WHY DON'T YOU JUST ACT LIKE A NORMAL PERSON!!" I started laughing so hard (after I had recovered from my "oh my gosh, she's 18" flash) and for the rest of the weekend I continued to ask lance why he wouldn't just "act like a normal person!" It was pretty funny.....

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Jomabo Beach 2010!

 The first weekend I got back to the Philippines we took off for the beach! Kind of a vacation from the Vacation type of thing. We need some relaxing family time together to help the kids and I unwind after the brutally long trip over. We went with our friends the Beatties. It was about an hour drive and then a half hour boat ride out to this tiny Island, made of sand, in the middle of the ocean! The kids were pretty excited on the way over........

This is a picture, from the boat, of our first glimps of the Island......

Here is the House we rented for our family. It was so nice! Two bedrooms, kitchen, living room and bathroom all for us! It was so great......Also the Island was so small there wasn't a resturant on it so we had to bring a cooler and a food box for the weekend. It was nice tho. No gathering everyone up to go and sit down and eat somewhere. We mostly just snacked a lot and then had dinner....perfect!
We pretty much had the whole Island to ourselves....The kids loved playing in the sand.
 When the tide went out we had such fun exploring around. We found all sorts of fun sea things......

 The water was so shallow forever.......here is lance and the kids.

 We met this old Philipino Man out digging for treasures.....He proudly showed us his best find for the day. An Octopus!! craziness....
 There were lot's of cool shells....
 Lance and Ryan spent some time burying the kids in sand.
 Lance Relaxing in the shade for a minute along the nice quiet beach.
 We found lot's of these cool sand dollars.
 We took this little tractor type thing for a burn...however we didn't stay out on the water for too long because we were the ones getting burned! The sun was so hot!
 We are quite spoiled out here. The Philippine oceans are so warm! The kids play and play in them with out ever complaining. Here is Scarlett enjoying the water.
 Just three little heads out there playing, laughing and giggling till the sun goes down! They had a BLAST!
 Isabelle had quite the sun burn by the end of the weekend. She said to me...mom I think my teeth are sun burned! I honestly did put sunscreen on her constantly but it's really hard to say on top of the burning sun.....after 3 days of it...I lost and the sun won!
WE had such a great time together as a family and with our friends. We played cards, sun tanned. I read a good book. Can't wait to do it again soon :)

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