Our life right now........

Since we got married we have lived and raised our family in Lethbridge, Alberta. However Lance recently got offered a job with a different company working from the Philippines!! We took a while to make this HUGE life changing decision but in the end we decided to make the choice to dance! We packed up our home and rented it out and got on a plane. We have lived over sea's now for 4 months (since January 2010) and have been having the adventure of a life time just like we were hoping! Things are going really well......we have been to and seen some of the most crazy, bizarre and beautiful things ever....here are just a FEW examples......The beaches are amazing...the softest white sand you have ever felt...........
And the prettiest most picture perfect sunsets imaginable!

The Driving was something of an adjustment! We saw this crusin' down the high way one day!! Seriously, there are no rules except if you can then do. In some area's there are 4 lanes of highway with dotted white lines everywhere and two directions of traffic scattered about. If you can go and there's room then do it! It's insane and actually quite fun at times!! However a I do miss a little structure....sometimes :-D

.....Ummmm the grave yards are, above ground? Yes that's right they are...extremely creepy to me who is someone who doesn't like them at the best of times all tucked away 6 feet under with a nice neat little head stone. Nope this takes the "beyond creepy cake!" Apparently they do it this way because the ground gets so wet and saturated during rainy season the coffins, if placed under ground, start to "float" back up!

So this blog will hopefully be an interesting inside peek as to what life on the other side of the world is like! As well as some regular day to day funny, family life things!

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About US!

And so it begins..............
I have decided to start BLOGGING! I know I am WAY late, jumping on the band wagon but have decided I need to nurture what little creative juices I have. We are now a family of four and our lives are getting so busy and entertaining I am excited to share some of our crazy days, wild adventures, outrageous ideas and silly down times with everyone! I love our life, the good the bad and the ugly and am excited to share it.....so here it goes! Enjoy!

So like I said, we are a family of four! My husband and I have been married for 6 1/2 years!
WOW time flies. We have two beautiful (if I do say so myself!) little girls, they have changed our lives, and everything we do, completely, as kids do. Isabelle is 4 1/2 and is funny and sweet. She never ceases to amaze us with her witty comments and observations. Scarlett is 11 months and such a sweet heart we can hardly stand it. She loves to laugh when someones laughing and chat along with anyone who will listen to her very interesting stories!!

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