Sumb Thucker?!

Here she little Sumb Thucker! 

Scarlett is over 2 years old and has just recently started sucking her thumb. I have no idea where it came from but she's defiantly hooked. The strangest part is that she hasn't had a bottle or a soother for over a year. I know I should be worried about her mouth being all deformed. My Dad is a high school science teacher and he has told me story's of students he has that STILL suck their thumbs in his classes. Yes, they try and be sneaky by hiding behind their text books but the truth is......they just can't kick the habit!

I have never had a younger brother or sister suck their thumb, Isabelle never did either. So even though I know its a "bad" habit that's terribly addicting and can totally deform mouths and teeth...the truth is I secretly think it is absolutely adorable!

I'll worry about it a little more when she's 4, but for now, I am going to sit back and enjoy the cuteness :)

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